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Welcome to Stocklot Clothing

Do you have any idea what we are saying when we say, "Excess Inventory "? Well, if you are in the fashion industry (which we hope you are), you most likely understand that I am referencing clothing closeouts. We call it excess inventory, but others may reference this subject as clothing closeouts, fashion closeouts, apparel closeouts, distressed inventory, returns, overages, etc.

Here in Stocklot Clothing, apparel closeouts are fashion relevant products that may be cancelled units at the factory, tons of samples you have been collecting in your showroom for the past ten years, or most probably excess inventory at a clothing warehouse (store returns, cancelled orders, factory excess, etc.).

The problem with excess inventory is the simple fact that "inventory" can be the kiss of death. Unless you have replenishment programs with a retailer, holding inventory can very quickly become a liability. Anyway, the point is that if you have inventory you should try to "close it out". In other words, "sell it off". Or better yet, get it the heck out... What you should do is consult a closeout company that specializes in apparel.

So, if you have excess inventory, you shouldn't... Make sure to do something about it. Call +1 718 285 2522

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